Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nashville Newspaper Editorializes on Bryson Candidacy

In an editorial this morning, The Tennessean uses the following words to describe Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jim Bryson: intelligent, articulate, attractive to conservative voters, and involved and knowledgeable on TennCare.

This praise comes from a liberal editorial page that acknowledges that it has disagreed with Senator Bryson on some individual issues, such as putting a cap on how fast government spending can grow. Senator Bryson has proposed that government spending should not grow faster than the incomes of the people in the state.

The editorial concludes that Senator Bryson brings to the race for governor a "credibility and level of seriousness that will give voters a real choice." They are right. Democratic party leaders in the state are trying to whisper to the media that the governor has too much money and that Senator Bryson can't win. But those same leaders, immediately after his announcement that he was entering the race, launched a scurrilous and desperate sounding attack on the Senator's character. That would seem to indicate that they are more worried than they let on.

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