Saturday, April 08, 2006

Confident Party Leaders Don't Censor Debate

The author of The Monroe Doctrine is a conservative Republican who has taken strong positions in favor of policies that would expand immigration into the United States. As such, we have expressed strong disagreement with those who have taken hardline stances on the immigration issue.

Having said that, we also believe that one of the purposes of blogging is to facilitate debate and discussion between responsible voices who express informed positions on issues. While Donna Locke is someone whose views on immigration are diametrically opposed to our own, we acknowledge that she is a responsible voice whose views merit a hearing and response. When the TeamGOP blog censors Ms. Locke's comments, they show themselves unworthy of a Republican Party and a conservative movement that is willing to take on challengers and prevail on the issues.

Then again, that blog said last week that they don't care about issues. Oh, well.

See also Rob Huddleston and Nathan Moore.

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