Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Beyond Caricature

Nearly two decades ago, I joked, that given trends in Christian worship, that sometime soon a church might regard Rod Stewart, with a slight alteration, as a source of church music:

Tonight's the Night;
Gonna Be all right.
Because I love you [Lord]
Ain't nobody gonna stop us now.

In light of that, perhaps I was not completely surprised at Tom Ascol's post about a Lutheran Church that took up Beatles' songs for a weekend worship service. Don't get me wrong: I like the Beatles, and Rev. Ascol seems to, as well. But not for worship.

But perhaps they still are more popular than Jesus....

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Kat Coble said...

Tim and I (once) attended a (Baptist!) church that did a version of the Doobie Brothers' Without Love, where would you be now? song.

They changed "Love" to "God". That was the only change.

It infuriated me. I know maybe I'm too old-fashioned, but we've got an ENORMOUS body of beautiful worship hymns, cataloging the deepest thoughts and feelings of more than 500 years of the faith. Why are we re-hashing Top 40 junk?