Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Looking for More from TeamGOP

On Sunday, several Republican bloggers, including Rob Huddleston, Nathan Moore, and myself, criticized the TeamGOP blog for deleting the comments of Donna Locke of Tennesseans for Immigration Control and Reform from its blog. That criticism was picked up by Michael Silence and VolunteerVoters. While I have deleted comments that were profane or spam, I believe that it is inappropriate to stifle debate by deleting the comments of reasonable and informed commenters. Indeed, I give wide latitude to those who wish to comment on this site (I would like to see more, though I tell others that once I have spoken there is really nothing left to say. I'm kidding.)

TeamGOP has subsequently re-posted Ms. Locke's comments without any explanation or apology. While I applaud TeamGOP for responding to public criticism, it would be better if they would publicly apologize and explain their policy on excluding comments on a go forward basis.

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Donna Locke said...

My comments critical of Frist seem to be the ones TeamGOP didn't care for.