Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Titans' Quarterback of the Future

The Tennessean reports that Bus Cook, the agent for Titans quarterback Steve McNair, says that the veteran doesn't want to help groom a successor:

"He is a starter. Why would he want to mentor a young guy to take his place? He is not ready for the rocking chair. It doesn't matter if it is Cutler, Leinart, Vince Young or anybody else. It doesn't make sense for Steve McNair to take a huge cut in pay — it wouldn't be this year obviously, but it would be next — to be a mentor for some young guy no matter who it is. It might be great for Tennessee, but it wouldn't be good for Steve.''

Mr. Cook is in the process of renegotiating Mr. McNair's contract, so all of this may just be posturing. However, if Mr. McNair genuinely is not interested in helping prepare his successor, the Titans would be better off letting him go and retaining Billy Volek to start for the next 1-2 seasons while whoever the Titans draft prepares to take the reins.

Mr. McNair has proven himself to be a fierce competitor and a winner, but he is clearly now on the backside of his career.

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