Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How Do You Spell that Again?

Blogger Rob Huddleston, who is supporting Ed Bryant's candidacy for Tennessee's open U.S. Senate seat, posted last week a summary of his observations at the Sullivan County Lincoln Day picnic. Nothing about the posting was particularly harsh, though it puts candidate Van Hilleary in a somewhat negative light -- which would seem to be the light that follows Mr. Hilleary like a rain cloud over a cartoon character. Nevertheless, the posting seems to have sent a couple of Hilleary supporters over the edge, judging from a series of oddly belligerant comments they have left on Mr. Huddleston's site and a scurrilous and nasty posting by Charles Badger, an unofficial blogger for Mr. Hilleary who summarizes his thoughts by calling Mr. Huddleston an a**hole.

John Norris Brown suggests that if Mr. Hilleary has integrity he will insist that Mr. Badger apologize, but Mr. Brown doubts that this will occur. Mr. Brown should not be so hasty. We need to give Mr. Hilleary time to look up the word.

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